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We are moving to the other side of the wall

Mexican Vineyards at Valle de Guadalupe

Valle de Guadalupe Vineyards, Mexico.

Because we have very high standards of Integrity and Ethics;

Because we think that a modern society must have a good health care ​system ​for each and every one of its citizens;

Because we thought that this country was a place for all, whatever their color, beliefs or origins are;

Because we were committed in helping the homeless and ​today, ​their number may not decrease;

Because as a minority and woman owned business, we think that equality between women and men is not an option;

Because what we do with Mother Earth today is what our children will inherit;

Because we think that sciences, art and culture need to be supported and funded; and

Because we cannot oppose to the decision of the people of the United States and neither agree​,

WINESTOREE has boldly ​decided to relocate out of the United States.

We started the online retail only a year ago, in March 11 2016, date when our online store “went live” and the wine tasting events on January 2017.

Since the November 2016 election, the doubt gained our minds. Indeed we want to develop our culture, our values and behavior that we think are our best landmark of integrity by not passively tolerating the present situation. We stick to our believes and to our values of​ freedom, love and equality between human beings. Four months is too much, four years is unthinkable.

Our company will keep helping:​ Shower to the People, Miami Bridge and the Tropical Audubon Society and we will soon include actions with the new associations.

We would like thank all our American customers, vendors, stakeholders, administrations, friends and neighbors who supported us and showed their trust in our sudden short American adventure. We are moving to the other side of your wall to invest our money there!​

Wishes of hope to you all!




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