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Allí estamos en la Edición Especial de la revista FOOD & WINE publicada por INDULGE MIAMI y en PALETTE MIAMI también!

Tambien tenemos una publicación bimensual en CBS4NEWS Magazine Miami. Obtén tu cupón de descuento y utilízalo en línea.

Voz de nuestros Clientes

Review on Facebook, Mario B. (Dallas), Jan 2016
Odile, the wine glasses are great!!!! My wife's friends asked me to get your website and info!!!

Message from Lydia (from Madagascar, visiting Miami) - March 11, 2016:
Odile, the kitchen towels are fantastic!!! Everybody loves them. Indeed they look much better in real than on the pics :( I hope you'll fix that.
All the best in your new venture!

Message from Jerome (Montreal) - March 13, 2016:
Hi there, all well received. The corkscrew and the apron are great, better than expected :D 
Jerome B. 

Message from Ms. G.A. (Miami) - March 31, 2016:
Odile, my friend called from Tampa and received the wine accessories set, the bottle and the slate board.
He loved it and will use it for his next wine and cheese party!
Thanks a lot!

Message from Jenn (West Virginia) - April 19, 2016:
Thank you so much! It arrived safe and sound. I love the coasters and the cheese slate.
Thanks again,
Jennifer S.

Sylvie D. L. reviewed Winestoree – 5 star 10 May 2016
The owner is trustworthy and serious. A pleasure to work with.

Review on Facebook by Sirvanti Pastrana – 5 star September 22 2016
"Very lovely and unique gift ideas for wine lovers. Great gifts for the Holidays! Odile is a pleasure!! Much success!!"

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