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Poster The Aromas - Les Aromes



This poster details the 84 aromas most commonly encountered in wines. Indeed, it is through the aromas of wine that wine is tasted. Our tongue is limited to the primary tastes perceived by taste receptors on the tongue: acidity, bitterness, saltiness, sweetness and umami (savoriness). These floral, fruit, spice, vegetable, oak, animal, dairy, mineral, etc. aromas perceived in wine are derived from aroma notes interpreted by the olfactory bulb. In wine tasting, wine is often smelled before being drunk in order to identify some components of the wine that may be present.

It is a very good quality printed poster and is published by Bouchard Aîné & Fils, Burgundy. 
Photos by Christophe Grilhé. Poster original title: Les Aromes du Vin 

23.6"x31.49" (60x80cm) white glossy paper photos by Christophe Grilhé


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