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Meet with Magali Fleurquin, the creator of Rose et Marius, Provence

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 Magali Fleurquin - Bonnard, the creator.

Rose et Marius' creator is Magali Fleurquin-Bonnard who created an exceptional brand.
She started her professional life working for the fine jewelry Piaget which gave her the knowledge of exceptional objects. Then going around the world with her husband she realized that the French Provence, her home region, was not really well known across the world, it was only the pictures of lavender fields and cypress trees. At that moment came the desire to create a luxury brand around Provence, featuring handcrafted precious objects by talented and passionate craftsmen.

She committed to offer only exceptional objects, including a soap enriched with poppy oil for comfort, naturally colored with different types of Roussillon ocher and exclusive fragrances from Grasse. The tumblers are made with Limoges' porcelain, gold and/or platinum.

Magali's collections are totally handcrafted in France, echoing the patterns of the cement tiles which make the decor in the "mas" (the Provencal house) she walked on every day as a child, when playing in the grandmother's country house.

Rose et Marius customers are affluent women seeking for rare scents, finest decor and beautiful objects.


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