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Dix inventions du concours Lépine qui changeront (peut-être) votre vie

Cubicool, it's all in the name

Everyone has experienced this once in life. You find the best spot in the world to drink the "apero", beautiful views and just the shade you need under the trees, but it takes a little walk to get there. And then, the drama! The time you arrived, the wine is warm. Here is where Cubicool saves your life: it is an isolated box in the form of a cube in which you put the liquid as you like. Christophe in Flavegece got the idea while watching, camping, tourist struggle with a Cubi exposed on the sun. Six months later, Cubicool was born and the aperitif was saved ;)

Dix inventions du concours Lépine qui changeront (peut-être) votre vie

Izy is a customized double spout!

There big and small issues in life. For what small problems is concerned, inventors find ways to get solutions to problem we even thought could exist. This is the case of this customized dual spout called "Izy" which allows to serve two glasses at once. Of course it has been tested and approved by a caterer: it enables to work twice as fast. What's fun in this, is that the inventor does not even drink alcohol. Nevertheless, he has a great sense of observation and one day he said, "Why nobody thought about serving two drinks at once?" He said he had never seen it and in fact, he was holding a great original idea. The design was not easy. Matthew Kobilinsky, designer, says: "The question about the flow of the fluid wasn't easy at all. Indeed it was extremely complicated. At first it was "peeing" everywhere. We made maybe 1,000 attempts before getting to that result. "The double spout was born, and is now ready to offer its benefits to hospitality professionals such as caterers, hotel chains, retail and luxury brands to make them with gold or silver.

Matthieu won the "Concours Lépine" which takes place in France. Creativity flows.





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